Dr. Terry Watson and Dental Implants

A smile is the first impression. If someone is self conscious about their teeth, they are likely to shy away from being around people or they will talk with their heads down or in a way to avoid showing them. Cost seems to be the biggest reason for why people don’t have their missing teeth corrected. Implants can be very expensive, making it difficult to have the procedure done. A new type of implants is emerging so that more patients can comfortably afford to have them done.


When teeth are missing, implants and dentures are the two ways of correcting the issue. Implants can be $3,000 per tooth which makes it nearly impossible to afford an entire mouth of implants should they be needed. Dentures can be uncomfortable to wear. Many younger people shy away from dentures because they are embarrassed to wear them and because they can make your face appear older over time. New Technology:

There is a new type of reconstruction that is allowing patients to have a full arch restoration completed with implants at a much lower cost than traditional implants. Dr. Terry Watson is a member of the American Dental Association and stays up to date with the newest techniques to ensure his patients are always left with stunning smiles. He makes sure each patient’s concerns are listened to and that their treatment plan is a perfect fit based on their needs.

Benefits of Implants:

A shrinking jaw bone is the main concern when there are missing teeth. When considering dentures or implants, this is one of the main factors. Implants will fuse to the bone so that the shape of the face does not get distorted with time. Another major benefit is that once an implant is in place, it is permanent. You don’t have to worry about taking anything out to clean. It should remain in place without any issues.

Candidates for Implants:

If you’ve lost one tooth or multiple teeth due to disease, an accident or tooth decay, you may be a candidate for implants. A consultation will be needed to review your dental history and overall health. The dentist will decide your best treatment options and if implants are going to be the right choice.